5 facts about Shakespeare and his life ~

His death is observed on the same day he was born..

The legendary writer died on 23rd April 1616. Their is no clarity regarding his DOB. However, some church documents say that he was born in Stratford-upon-Avon and baptized on 26th April 1564. As the custom then, children were baptized on the 3rd day after birth, which narrows the birth date of Shakespeare to 23rd April.

He had 3 children

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway at the age of 18. Anne was 8 years older than him. Their first child was Susanna. In 1585, the couple had twins, namely Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet died at the early age of 11 due to unknown reasons.

There are 6 surviving signatures of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare’s handwriting is known from these (photo above) six signatures that appear on legal documents. The handwriting is also retrieved from his three pages of hand written manuscripts of the play Sir Thomas More.

There are many questions on his existence

This might seem weird and absurd, but many scholars believed and some still do, that Shakespeare was too much unreal to have written so many great works of literature, without having any advanced education. According to these theories, Shakespeare had no education in the classics or Latin language.

Young boys played the role of female characters in the plays on stage

There are quite a few eloquent female leads in Shakespeare’s plays, such as Desdemona, Lady Macbeth, Juliet and Getrude. These characters were not played by women. In fact, women were not allowed to perform in plays, as it was considered beneath their dignity to act in plays. (SO UNFAIR!!!!!) Therefore, these women characters were played by boys between the age of 13 to 19, as they had not yet developed masculine features and still had high voices.

These are 5 weird and enthralling facts about Shakespeare!

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